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Our online course in renewable energy technologies is your first step toward a lucrative and stable career in the fast-growing energy sector industry.


To boost your employment prospects in this surging industry,
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Renewable energy is considered the future of the energy industry.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate of renewable energy job creation is set at 105.3%.

That’s much faster than the average for other occupations!

The best of these high-paying careers require thorough training.

Our online course is designed for tomorrow’s energy professionals and those new to renewable energy technologies.

A renewable energy job is a must-have option for twenty-first-century students like you.


For the nominal annual investment of $99, Renewable Energy Online provides comprehensive online training to improve your technical expertise in the renewable energy sector.

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Who We Are...

We are engineers and industrial designers with extensive experience in renewable energy technologies. This includes several decades of valuable and relevant technology, engineering, and pedagogical experience.

Why Us...

Despite the presence of a number of information resources online, finding a source that is authentic, current, and which covers the entire spectrum of renewable energy technologies, has been nearly impossible, until now.

Considering this information gap, we at Renewable Energy Online strive to fill that gap and envision to develop an Internet-based clean energy-aware educational platform or portal. Our educational platform covers all areas of renewable energy technologies that harness energy from different sources. The platform has been specifically designed for students, teachers, adult learners, and working professionals.


Through this effective e-learning training, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance as you increase your exposure to renewable energy technologies from the grassroots level.

You can excel in your career by learning all areas of renewable energy technologies that harness energy from different sources.

Our online training is the first step and a roadmap to a STEM-based career in renewable energy technologies. It’s a good substitute for in-person learning because our training is structured, modular, and suitable for different audience levels.

You’re probably wondering who this course is for...

Renewable Energy Online was specifically designed for students, teachers, adult learners, and working professionals.

ANYONE can benefit from our engaging e-learning modules:

Adult learners benefit from skill-developing education to prepare for their awesome next jobs.

High school students receive an eye-opening and comprehensive understanding of renewable energy technologies.

Teachers or instructors use this trustworthy e-learning platform for blended teaching or as a brilliant teaching aid in their classes.

Working professionals can enhance their skills by taking advantage of this online education platform, from the blissful comfort of their own homes.

The Time to Learn is NOW.

Our life-changing and authentic e-learning platform provides:

Convenient online learning portal.

An Affordable annual investment of ONLY $99 while you remain in the course.

A Comprehensive technical program.

Learning while working a full-time job.

High-quality, continuously updated content.

Self-learning/teacher-assisted instruction.

Skill-development education.

Renewable Energy Online prepares you TODAY for your next career.

How we do it...

Modular format for step-by-step learning.

High-quality animations and graphics assist in explaining complex concepts.

Narrated presentations and diagrams.

Detailed explanations using STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Supplemental resources for high school, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, company, and labor-sponsored training, regional skill centers, colleges, and universities.

Always updated to reflect current technology.

Glossary with background information.

Understand greenhouse gases and their dire effects on climate change.

Provides a roadmap for your future.

Advanced and basic training levels.


As reported by Yale Climate Connections, wind turbine service technicians are expected to be the fastest-growing occupation from 2019 to 2029.

Jobs in solar and wind energy are rapidly growing in the United States. Continued and accelerated growth is expected through 2050.

What other types of careers are possible within the renewable energy sector?


System engineering.

Project management.


Performance engineering

Field (deployment) Operators.


Manufacturing Operators
…and many more!

Direct your career path in the above occupations for solar, wind and geothermal energy. In addition, learn about biofuel, an alternative transportation fuel, if you wish to enter the biofuel industry for which there are significant job opportunities.


At the COP26 Climate Change Conference, the Glasgow Alliance for Net Zero announced that more than 450 companies in 45 countries have committed to meeting the 2015 Paris Agreement goals.

According to Forbes, there will be about 18 million new STEM jobs in the near future.

There’s no need to sit in an uncomfortable brick and mortar classroom.

Effortlessly access the training anywhere with an internet connection.

Desktop, laptop (strongly preferred), as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

To view and study the e-learning content, you need popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Imagine This...

Realize a prosperous future when you’re properly trained in renewable energy technologies.


Growth of your career

Being highly sought after

Increased earning potential

Promising long-term outlook

It Gets Even Better!

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, with continued global investment, jobs in renewable energy would reach 42 million globally by 2050.

That’s four times the number of available jobs today!

Also, the Wind Vision Report indicated the wind will have the potential to support more than 600,000 jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and supporting services by 2050.

Wind energy enables U.S. industry growth and U.S. competitiveness. New wind projects account for annual investments of over $10 billion in the U.S. economy.

What Does That Mean?

It’s an excellent time to acquire new skills in the energy sector.

An abundance of renewable energy technicians and professionals will be needed as more nations commit to reducing greenhouse gases.

Be prepared to strengthen your employment prospects.

Continuously updated online content is included in your membership. You’ll stay abreast of changes within the industry.

What Are Others Saying?


Renewable Energy Online does not offer a certificate.

However, if you’d like to test your own understanding of the topics, you can test yourself by answering the questions and entering your email ID (or your teacher’s email ID) in the Multiple Choice Question & Answer section.

You (or your teacher) will receive your test score from self-assessment multiple-choice questions and answers.

Renewable Energy Online is unable to offer job placement. This online STEM-based portal details the career paths and prepares you for job opportunities.

Renewable Energy Online does not offer discounts or coupon codes. Its membership price has been kept very low for everyone to enroll for membership.

The membership fee is NOT refundable.

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