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Animation Snippets

Our e-learning portal aims to provide a high-quality learning experience. In order to deliver that experience, we have used animations that can explain highly complex technical content for students, teachers, and working professionals alike.

Biomass resourcesBiomass resources

Energy from biomassEnergy from biomass

Geothermal heat pumpGeothermal heat pump

Transportation fuel from biomassTransportation fuel from biomass

Energy content of biofuelEnergy content of biofuel

Solar thermal systemSolar thermal system

Solar photo-voltaic system - tiltSolar photo-voltaic system - tilt

Energy transformation in hydro powerEnergy transformation in hydro power

Wind power capacitiesWind power capacities

The animation snippets in our examples page:

  1. Provides details about different types of biomass,
  2. Provides details how biomass can be used to generate renewable energy such as electricity and heat and what are the different processes used for such renewable energy production,
  3. Shows the use of geothermal heat to heat water using a geothermal heat pump,
  4. Provides details about sources for biofuel with one important application as transportation fuel,
  5. Displays the energy content of two different biofuel types such as biodiesel and bioethanol,
  6. Shows how does a solar thermal system work for a residential home and also what are its uses at homes,
  7. Shows the ideal situation for harnessing solar photo-voltaic (PV) technology ;how PV panels must be perpendicular to the solar rays on a clear sunny day,
  8. Demonstrates the conversion path of the potential energy of water in a hydropower dam to intermediate forms of energy such as kinetic energy and rotational energy of turbines,
  9. How wind power provides electricity to homes, schools, as well as businesses.

2D and 3D Graphics Content – Samples

We have used both 2D and 3D Graphics to explain engineering concepts and to show trade equipment (for example, turbines). We have also presented science experiments.

Photo-voltaic applicationsPhoto-voltaic applications

Components in hydropower plantComponents in hydropower plant

Glossary – Samples

We have used glossary for better understanding of the content. Moreover, the glossaries are animation based and are an essential part of our e-learning portal.

Bioethanol structure

 Lignocellulosic biomass

Characteristics of wind

Composition of earth

Summer solstice calculation

Overview – Samples

Additionally, we have also used animation-based Overviews – a brief explanation of different types of energy and its uses.

Weather impact on hyropower

The animations or graphics samples are the only representatives, each one reflects our course structure. Furthermore, go to Access Modules to see our course structure.

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