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Snapshot of our Series and Modules

We have created user friendly training module that covers the following renewable energy technology areas. Our content contains a textbook standard teaching style. The whole training module is available at an affordable price from the comfort of your own home. More importantly, you get full access to the entire knowledge base for a low annual membership fee.

Click on the Series title to see the list of Modules for that Series.

Our all modules are currently available in the English language. For detailed information, download our free four-page colored brochure.

What does our learning portal provide you?

A roadmap to learning:

Our STEM-based multimedia learning portal gives you access to the learning modules in Overviews and Series/Module sections – when you login as a member. Our up to date, scientific as well as technological content is comprehensive and immensely thorough. Furthermore, our professionally created modular format meets the needs of learners of all levels.

Series/Modules section:

Our online education platform contains more than eighty modules. The content has both basic-and advanced-level modules to meet the needs of different audience levels

Overview section:

The overview section provides an overview of harnessing renewable energy and its uses, systems, and applications by use of animation and interactive content.

MCQ and advanced section:

To self-assess what you have learned, a Multiple-Choice Q & A section is prepared. The section supplements training material for both self-learning and teacher assisted learning. Click on the Multiple-Choice Q & A section to find multiple-choice questions.

Moreover, we have built a Math and Charts section for advanced level learners.